Monday, May 7, 2012

Fallujah, worse than Hiroshima

A documentary on the rise in birth defects, infant mortality, and cancer in Fallujah, Iraq since 2004. Fallujah, Iraq, Europe, Depleted Uranium, Cancer Birth Defects, 2012


  1. War is the ugliest thing on earth n its implication is horrible as per above video.thank you for the very informative n comprehensive material. so looks like DU bombs being used in Bosnia,gulf war desert storm,Iraq,Afghanistan,Gaza n recently Libya. Cluster bombs were also used in Libya.All dirty bombs and nuke bombs must be banned globally.The world is going crazy n worst in moral values.Let us all hope that some drastic element from above will change the world for the better.In wars if civilians are not implicated its not too bad. ALL WARS MUST BE STOP,NO MORE WARS.THE GENEVA CONVENTION CHARTER BEING ABUSED PLUS THE REST.

  2. Those Westerns going into foreign lands are pigs lying that they wanna help but doing the complete opposite ........... Pigssss!!!

  3. these american pigs will die same as they have done wiz these people
    wait n see ,the time is not far for america to be crawled on there knees to beg for living.bst luck