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Al Walaja: The Story of a Shrinking Village

Al Walaja: The Story of a Shrinking Village from Julie Land on Vimeo.
November 30, 2013 from Julie Land and Alison Morgan

Palden Jenkins | March 22, 2012

An armoured digger was rumbling slowly up through the military construction site toward a new piece of the separation wall that is being built at Al Walaja. The wall is slicing through Palestinian land to surround the growing Israeli settlement of Har Gilo, which is taking over much of the hill on which Al Walaja, an extended farming village, is located. Over 100 Palestinian houses have been demolished for it. Just round the corner is Cremisan monastery, a well-run estate managed by the Salesians, an ancient Christian sect here in Bethlehem – its land is going to be sliced through by the new wall. It’s crazy.

Wall in construction at Al Walaja
Ishmael was getting nervous. There was an armoured police van cruising around watching us, and he knew it would be waiting for us further on, watching what we were doing. I obliged, stopped photographing and hopped back in the car. “If there’s a problem, Ishmael, I’ll handle it – you’re just an innocent taxi-driver, okay?” But I knew he was concerned because his son Tareq had been released from Israeli jail only a few months ago, during the big release Hamas had fixed in return for the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and the Israelis are now going around re-arresting some of those who were released. Not because many of them are doing anything suspicious, but they are suspected of possibly doing something – and that, to the Israelis is enough. Enough to give them an excuse to bomb Gaza a week or two ago, killing over 20 people and wounding nearly a hundred.

In the unlikely event that I got arrested, I could talk my way out of it, cite a few names and, at worst, waste 24 hours, but for Ishmael and people like him it’s a very different story. He’s an inmate of Deheisheh refugee camp, which immediately makes him suspect, even though he is the least troublesome man you could imagine – respectable, cautious, law-abiding (though Palestinians have a free-style approach to law, not least because many of the laws applied to them are nonsensical, giving new meaning to the term ‘criminal law’). ... Full article

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MLK, Obama & War on Syria

August 30, 2013   
Source: NYTX

Danny Schechter un-spins select stories from the day’s New York Times for his NYTX News Dissector video column. In today’s report Danny looks at Obama's remembrance of MLK, the U.S. threat of war on Syria, and the Times' coverage.
NYT articles referenced in this report:
- “Obama Set for Limited Strike on Syria as British Vote No” by Mark Landler, David E. Sanger and Thom Shanker
- “Fears Growing as Syrians Wait for U.S. Attack” by Anne Barnard and Ben Hubbard
- “One Great Big War” by David Brooks
- “Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal” by Ian Hurd
Danny Schechter is a journalist, author, television producer and an independent filmmaker who also writes and speaks about economic and media issues. He is a regular contributor to NYT eXaminer

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Russia Grants Snowden Asylum, Obama Gets Personal

August 2, 2013 | NYTX

Danny Schechter un-spins select stories from the day’s New York Times for his NYTX News Dissector video column. In today’s report Danny comments on Russia’s decision to grant NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden asylum and how Obama and powerful media have responded by making it personal.

 A list of New York Times articles references in this video: - “Defiant Russia Grants Snowden Year’s Asylum” By Steven Lee Myers and Andrew E. Kramer - “Obama’s Fall Moscow Trip Is Even More in Doubt” By Mark Lander

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Gaza Ark Project 2013

June 27, 2013 | International Solidarity Movement | Gaza, Occupied Palestine - Charlie Andreasson, a member of Ship to Gaza Sweden, explains the new Gaza Ark project of this year 2013. The several unsuccessful attempts to break the siege on Gaza, imposed by Israel, from the outside to the inside made the activists think about this project which is based on breaking the siege from within. We wish all the best in this time. Free Palestine!

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Condoleezza Rice defends torture program, confirms Bush's role

~ A video meant to be presented at the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum featured Condoleezza Rice defending the decision to torture detainees.

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