Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rich Siegel - "In Palestine"

October - 2009

Rich Siegel- "In Palestine" from Richard A Siegel on Vimeo.


  1. @Rich Siegel: I hear you speak of the "territories", could you possibly be speaking of the occupied Palestinian Territories?

    Language is all, no more of this Judea & Samaria unless the discussion is Old Testament.

    Language is all when people who claim to be chosen are then armed with weapons at 18, after a lifetime of bigotry & racism.

    And you Mr. Siegel with your beautiful song cannot possibly be unaware of the power of words of truth.

  2. Rich, I admire you so much for coming out and speaking on behalf of those whose voices have been squelched. The Palestinians have suffered so much for so long. Enough is enough! Give Palestinians their rightful territory, quit humiliating and harassing them, get the settlements dismantled, and let Palestine exist with dignity already! Apartheid has been proven to be immoral by any measure of human rights.