Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No halt to settlement policy: Israeli minister

Press TV
Tue, 01 Sep 2009 23:14:47 GMT

Israeli minister without portfolio Yossi Peled

An Israeli cabinet minister has categorically confirmed that construction and expansion of illegal Jewish settlements in and around Jerusalem (al-Quds) will continue.

Speaking on September 1 at a conference entitled "Preserving Jerusalem and the Golan Heights”, Yossi Peled of the ruling Likud Party repeated what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said during his recent visit to Germany, namely that Jerusalem is the “eternal and united capital of Israel” and that there would be no freeze whatsoever on the construction of settlements.

The minister without portfolio, who is a Belgian immigrant, insisted that the Jews would continue to live and build in and around the city, which was captured from the native Arabs by military force, Israel's Ynet News reported.

Israel recently announced that it would accept a temporary freeze on settlements but that it would never accept a permanent halt to the construction of Jewish settlements on occupied territories, despite the prohibitions of international law, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and worldwide condemnation.

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